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Dice vs Dice

Dice vs Dice

Dice vs Dice Şimdi Çıktı!!

Mağaza sayfasına giderek kütüphanenize ekleyip oyunun tadını çıkartabilirsiniz.

Zarı At Ve Oyna!




Welcome to Land of Rolling. In this realm everything is decided with dice showdowns. If you want to fight you need to roll, if you want to survive you need to roll.

But there is a limited amount of dice because of High Lord Dieson. He decides who will use how many dice and which type of dice will have.

People of this land do not agree with this rules. People with few dice are suffering.

But our heroes want change this. They will embark an adventure to defeat the High Lord.

Control one of our heroes, help them to achieve their goal.

Gather Weapons, Armors, Shields, Artifacts whatever you find to boost your chances.

Rules are simple, two opposing sides roll their dice. Higher one wins.

There are one or two rules that you will learn on the journey.

Deal damage with your Attack Dice.

Block enemy attacks with your Defense Dice.

Use your Magic Dices to deal damage by ingoring enemy Defense Dice.